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No haunted house is complete without a CRAZY BONEZ SKELETON in the closet! Crazy Bonez is the original Life-size Pose-N-Stay Skeleton, accept no imitation! Crazy Bonez stands approximately 5 feet high and features realistic molded bones. The detailed bones include a full rib cage, spine, arms and legs, and skull with a movable jaw. Crazy Bonez limbs are poseable, with knees that lock into place to hold a position. Expand your Crazy Bonez family with the addition of our CRAZY BONEZ SKELETON ANIMALS! Buster Bonez, the dog, is always ready to dig up bones in the backyard. Kitty Bonez (Coming Soon) is always ready to sneak up on you while hiding somewhere in your house. Tweety Bonez (Coming Soon) can be found in or out of its hanging cage ready to fly the coop. It’s time to bring Crazy Bonez Skeletons out of the closet for your Halloween party and more!